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  • July 8-13, 2024
  • Dallas 2024
  • Los Angeles 2024
  • Orange County 2024
  • San Francisco 2024

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June 2019

Los Angeles:

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June 2019


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June 2019

San Francisco:

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June 2019

“IMTA does a terrific job of bringing unknowns into the spotlight.”

Judith Fontaine, Fontaine Management, Los Angeles

There’s no other place that you could go and find so many agents and managers and casting people in one room at the same time. It’s phenomenal..the best way to get started. One of my favorite IMTA discoveries…Seann William Scott is doing wonderfully. He is a huge movie star now.

Patrick Baca, Nassif & Baca Casting, Los Angeles

One of the very first people we found here, when he was nine years old, was Elijah Wood. Soon after that was another guy, Dalton James, who came to IMTA twice from Sacramento. One of the most recent real success stories is obviously Katie Holmes.

Al Onorato, Unified Management, Los Angeles

I discovered Sara Downing who has been on a number of television shows as well as features, Carle Warren who is on ‘Judging Amy’, Josh Hammond who is in ‘Black Cadillac’ that is coming out, and many more.

Terrance Hines, Hines & Hunt Management, Los Angeles

What a great group of kids, we found several. You’re still the only show in town!

Jean Page, Jean Page Management, Los Angeles

IMTA not only gives them self-esteem and self confidence, but it also gives them the experience they need to go out there and pursue their dream.

Clair Sinnett, Clair Sinnett Casting, Los Angeles

Brava! The IMTA rendezvous is the best!

Vittorio Zeviani, Why Not Agency, Milan

It’s a great convention, a great experience. We get to see people we may never would have seen, people from small towns throughout the United States and Canada, this is another reason why we attend IMTA.

Karen Lee, Elite Model Management, New York

It’s all about finding that new face. That’s what’s really great about the opportunity presented here is people from, literally, across the country, around the world all come to one hotel and they’re able to see people that they wouldn’t have normal access to.

Brad Diffley, Mavrick Artists Agency, Los Angeles

I come here to scout for talent. I’m here to meet the kids that I usually wouldn’t have the chance to meet.

Bryan Leader, Bryan Leader Talent Management, Los Angeles

This convention is the best recruitment resource for us. Successful careers start at IMTA…

Yoshie Furuya, Yoshie Inc., Tokyo

You get exposure to some of the top agents in the business…a first hand experience of what it’s like in the real world.

Roshumba Williams, Supermodel, VH1 Host, Author

IMTA makes it possible for the best agents worldwide to come to one place and see an amazing group of young models…

Roberta Manganelli, Stella Models, Vienna

We represent Sierra Huisman who did the Prada campaign and she’s been a model with us now for six years. We also represent Jessica White who we scouted at IMTA about three years ago.She went on to sign a cover Vogue contract and she also did Chloe.

Beatrix Szlapka, Louis Models, Munich

A once in a lifetime opportunity for prospective models to be seen by international agents…

Lynn Claxon, Stars The Agency, San Francisco

IMTA gives me the opportunity to scout for new faces and gives the contestants the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

Maristella Becucci, Future, Milan

I think even if they never go into the business they’ll never forget a week at IMTA.

Eve Matheson, Author

Ryan Hattig, I took him from IMTA a year ago and within the first month he got Abercrombie & Fitch…then a Conde Nast Traveler editorial spread…after that, Cosmopolitan!

Glenn Gordon, Raw Models, Los Angeles

I Love it! I always find good guys, very good guys, very good girls, some really good talent.

Paul Nelson, Wilhelmina, Los Angeles

IMTA is the place to meet everybody that’s anybody of substance in the modeling profession, worldwide. An event where everyone excels and the groundwork to stardom is laid…

Shailah Edmonds, Runway to Success, New York

IMTA exposes new models and talent from all over to the key players who can help the most, the agents, managers and casting directors. Secondly, it creates the greatest opportunity ever to meet and network internationally face to face. Experience is shared, business is generated and friendships are formed. Most importantly, a fabulous time is had by all!

Georgia Douglas, Platform, Sydney

IMTA is a one-stop place where every leading model agency can find fresh faces. It also opens up a door for potential models to enter into an incredible career, and like…THANKS, IMTA!

Emmanuelle, Models International Ltd., Hong Kong

We have three people from IMTA that we’ve taken on and who are doing beautifully at a callback ratio of about 98%. They’ve been booked in feature films and TV programs.

Terrie Snell, Talent Ink, Los Angeles, New York

Whether they win or whether not, they are going to come away from this experience a more confident, self assured, and marketable person.

Susan Loughran, Joan Stephens Television Workshop, New York

IMTA builds your character as a person.

Faith Ford, Actor, 'Hope and Faith'

You’ll never be seen, if you don’t take the chance.

Marie Malyszek, NBC/Nash, Hollywood

Probably the hardest task is to find an agent, find a manager, find a casting director, someone who’s interested in giving them 5-10 minutes of their time and IMTA provides that.

Peter Kluge, Impact Entertainment, Los Angele

Bravo! An extraordinary job of assembling some of the most promising talent in the world.

Lee Sonja Kissik, Magic Casting, Los Angeles

I’ve been finding some really good people. Really, really good people!

Amber Jones, Stars the Agency, San Francisco

The agents and managers at the IMTA convention can open doors. They fast-track a career.

T.J. Stein, Stein Entertainment Group, Los Angeles

The IMTA convention is an excellent tool for the personal manager because it gives Hines and Hunt an opportunity to see and evaluate a large group of actors of various ages..The IMTA convention is an excellent tool for the personal manager because it gives Hines and Hunt an opportunity to see and evaluate a large group of actors of various ages.

Justine Hunt, Hines & Hunt Entertainment, Los Angeles

IMTA is wonderful for these kids from all over the country. They have these dreams, and they get to come to a place where they meet important people in the industry who can make those dreams come true.

Judy Savage, The Savage Agency, Los Angeles

The IMTA is a veritable treasure trove of talent. We are proud to participate!

Claudia Black, Glasser/Black Management, New York

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find such wonderful talent! All my top stars are discovered at IMTA.

Steve Simon, Landis/Simon Management, Los Angeles

IMTA does a terrific job of bringing unknowns into the spotlight.

Judith Fontaine, Fontaine Management, Los Angeles

IMTA does a terrific job of bringing unknowns into the spotlight.

Judith Fontaine, Fontaine Management, Los Angeles

I call this the Olympics of modeling and acting. And you know what? Just like an athlete you must be trained.

Joan Stephens, Joan Stephens Acting Workshop, New York

The most powerful people in the industry are here. If these people can’t give these contestants a career, nobody can!…

Jeff Mitchell, JMM Talent, New York

One of my favorite IMTA discoveries… Seann William Scott is doing wonderfully. He is a huge movie star now.

Patrick Baca, Nassif & Baca Casting, Los Angeles

It’s a funny thing about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it. IMTA is the best!

Judy Landis, Landis/Simon Management, Los Angeles

A few quotes from past contestants who got their start at IMTA

"It was intense. So much competition, it just feels great; you kinda thrive on it and everybody else. It just feels great.”

-Eva Longoria, Photo by Donna Reyes

Upon winning Most Sought After Male Model at the New York 1997 Convention, Ashton said, "If you want to be a model,…

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-Ashton Kutcher, Photo by David Shankbone

"A lot has happened since the IMTA, and I owe it all to them. It's a wonderful convention. Let's just say, a…

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-Katie Holmes

"IMTA has has been unbelievable, beyond anything I ever expected."

-Josh Duhamel, Photo by Daniel Benavides

"IMTA is the only place that you can see and be seen by the top agents in the world. It not only…

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-Riley Smith

IMTA has opened so many doors and opportunities.

-Alyson Stoner, Photo by Jenniferh2525

IMTA got me started. They disserve a big huge credit for everything that I have accomplished. If you come to IMTA you…

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-Jessica Biel, Photo by Maggie Jumps


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