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A few quotes from past contestants who got their start at IMTA.

It was intense. So much competition, it just feels great; you kinda thrive on it and everybody else. It just feels great.

-Eva Longoria


A lot has happened since the IMTA, and I owe it all to them. It's a wonderful convention. Let's just say, a girl from Toledo would never end up in a Hollywood movie if it weren't for the IMTA.

-Katie Holmes


Upon winning Most Sought After Male Model at the New York 1997 Convention, Ashton said, "If you want to be a model, actor, singer or dancer, IMTA is the place to be!

-Ashton Kutcher


IMTA has has been unbelievable, beyond anything I ever expected.

-Josh Duhamel


IMTA is the only place that you can see and be seen by the top agents in the world. It not only launched my career but many other well documented careers. The IMTA Convention is truly a week that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

-Riley Smith


IMTA has opened so many doors and opportunities.

-Alyson Stoner


IMTA got me started.They disserve a big huge credit for everything that I have accomplished. If you come to IMTA you can follow your dream.

-Jessica Biel

Actors, models, singers and dancers who got their start at IMTA appear in countless films, television shows, magazines, advertising campaigns, music videos, Broadway plays, as spokespersons, in designer fashion shows, and much more.


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